When the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against India on its ban on U.S. poultry imports, that paved the way for great opportunities for the U.S. poultry industry, said Steve Monroe, manager of export sales for Sanderson Farms. Monroe made those comments during the Sanderson Farms 2014 Investor Day, held October 15-16 in New Orleans.

The WTO ruling, announced on October 14, states that India was wrong to place a ban on U.S. poultry products, which had been in place since 2007. The ban was implemented as a means of preventing low pathogenic avian influenza. However, the WTO noted that India provided no scientific evidence to support the validity of the ban.

While work remains to be done by U.S. leaders to reopen the Indian market, the ruling is a good first step, said Monroe.


“It’s going to be the first step for getting product to go to India,” said Monroe. “India has over 1 billion people. The poultry consumption there is very low, so any product we can get to going to India could be huge for the chicken industry in the states.”

Monroe was one of many speakers at the investor event. Other members of the Sanderson Farms leadership team also addressed the audience. Outside speakers included Tim Brusnahan, Brock Associates; and Sue Trudell, Express Markets Analytics.