Studies carried out by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) show that Brazilian exports of chicken (whole chicken, cuts, further processed products, salted meat and sausages) totaled 4.1 million metric tons in the 12 months of last year, an outcome 3 percent higher than in 2013, with 3.98 million metric tons. The balance is a record, according to studies on figures of over 50 small, medium and large exporters of chicken from Brazil.

In foreign exchange earnings, there was a slight drop of 0.2 percent accumulated in 2014, which reached US$8.08 billion, against US$8.09 billion last year. However, when converted to Brazilian reals, the balance is quite positive: an increase of 9 percent, totaling R$19 billion, which is another record.

Chicken cuts were outstanding this past year, with 2.2 million metric tons, 7.3 percent higher than in 2013. Secondly, whole chicken shipments reached 1.43 million metric tons, a performance 3.7 percent lower than that achieved the previous year. Salted meats, with 188,700 metric tons (+5.8 percent) and processed products, with 157,700 metric tons (-1.9 percent) were exported. Finally, the total volume of sausages shipped reached 104,400 metric tons (+18.9 percent).

According to the CEO of ABPA, Francisco Turra, "The balance of 2014 consolidates recovery of exporters facing international crisis and paves the way for chicken exporters to conquer new markets in 2015."

By destination, not including sausages, the Middle East continues to be the largest importer of Brazilian chicken meat, with shipments of 1.37 million metric tons, 5.2 percent lower compared to the previous year. Following, Asia accounted for 1.18 million metric tons of shipments (+5.7 percent). Africa ranked third, importing 516,300 metric tons in the period (-1.7 percent). To the European Union (the fourth largest importer) 413,900 metric tons (-2.2 percent) were shipped. Ranking fifth, the Americas imported 344,300 metric tons (+22.4 percent). Imports from the non-EU European countries, were of 163,700 metric tons (+73.1 percent) and the Pacific of 2,200 MT (+25.1 percent).

Russia was one of the main market highlights of the year (especially in the second half), with an increase of 164.2 percent compared to last year, with 124,900 metric tons. There was also a significant growth in shipments to markets such as Venezuela (of 24.6 percent to 202,600 metric tons), Angola (20.8 percent with 102,900 metric tons) and the UAE (of 4.9 percent to 257,000 metric tons).

Furthermore, according to the Poultry vice-president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin, the Chinese market was consolidated as one of the largest trading partners of Brazilian chicken exporters. "The five authorized plants in 2014 were crucial to the balance of 227,500 tons for the year, with nearly 20 percent growth," he said.

China and Mexico on the radar of 2015

According to the ABPA projections, a growth of 3 percent by volume in Brazilian exports of chicken is expected this year. "In addition to returning to the levels of shipments to Russia, we have eight new plants for chicken meat exports to be authorized by China," says Turra.


There are also other markets on the radar of ABPA for expanding shipment levels next year. "Exports to Mexico showed an increasing trend in the levels of shipments. We still have the expectation of a market opening in Cambodia and Pakistan, which is one of the largest potential markets for Brazilian halal chicken," adds Ricardo Santin, poultry vice-president.