U.K. poultry producers are feeling confident about their future. A survey conducted by the country’s National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has revealed that the poultry sector, overall, reported the highest short term confidence for all agricultural sectors and its mid-term confidence was also among the highest reported.

Those producers with a meat focus were found to have slightly more confidence in both the short and medium term than those with an egg focus. However, confidence in the egg sector was still found to be higher than some other sectors. The level of confidence for both sectors and for both outlooks has changed little since 2013.

Eighty-six percent of the respondents in the meat sector reported that profits are either increasing or being   maintained. Similarly for eggs, an equal proportion reported that profits are either increasing or being maintained.


Egg producers overall will be increasing investment over the next three years, mainly in bird numbers and energy efficiency, but also in machinery to some extent. Investments in diversification and buildings will be lower over the next three years compared to the last three. The level of investment in skills and training will be the equivalent to that of the previous three years.

The meat sector is most likely to be increasing investment in skills and training, along with buildings and energy efficiency, when compared to the last three years.