VIV Russia will bring together supply and demand within the complete animal protein chain on May 19-21, 2015, at the International Crocus Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia. VIV Russia will showcase the industry's developments, highlight meat quality and safety, and represent every step in the meat production process. Make the most of your trip to Moscow by learning more about the city and the special events, CropTech-FeedTech Russia and Meat Tech Russia.

CropTech-FeedTech Russia is dedicated to the milling, processing, storage and handling of crops and feed. Meat Tech Russia will discuss the supply chain for meat, poultry and aquaculture and meat slaughtering and further meat processing.

One session topic for poultry technicians will discuss new ideas for post-hatch early feeding of chicks. Another session will look at poultry breeding methods and effective responses to consumer trends regarding meat and eggs. Pig specialists will conduct a session on pork production practices. Sessions on the health and nutrition of animals and birds and on how to operate systems for climate control in animal housing will also be held.