WATT Global Media, Cobb Asia and Moba Group will be presenting a session titled “Global Poultry Trends – Effect on the Southeast Asian Market” at VIV Asia 2015 on March 11. The event, which will provide expert analysis and insight on the challenges and opportunities facing the Asian poultry industry, will be held from 4 to 5 p.m.

Pelayo Casanovas, president of Cobb Asia, will present “The Future of Asia’s Poultry Meat Production in a Globalized Market.”

Paul Buismans, project manager for Moba Group, will then present “Growth in Egg Production and Technical Solution in Asia.”


Question and answer sessions will follow both presenter overviews. The event is being moderated by Mark Clements, editor of Poultry International.

VIV Asia is the international trade show based on the "Feed to Meat" principle. The multi-specie event includes the poultry meat, eggs, pig meat, cattle and dairy industries. VIV Asia 2015 will feature sessions on health issues; extended shelf life of food products; meat safety; ways to improve yield, quality, hygiene, traceability, portioning, performance, profitability, efficiency and transparency; and the trend toward systems that cover the entire food chain from primary production to finished products.

VIV Asia 2015 will be held March 11-13 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center.