Ganyuanhao Co., a subsidiary of China Agricultural Development Group, is collaborating with Finnish company FIT Biotech to develop a gene transfer unit (GTU) vaccine technology aimed at vaccinating against avian influenza,  Newcastle disease and other diseases that affect poultry.

On March 19, the two companies announced their results at an event attended by Finland’s Ambassador to China, as well as Ministry of Agriculture officials and representatives from the China Veterinary Medicine Association, according to a report provided by Smart Agriculture Analytics


The creation of a vaccine to curb the spread of avian influenza has been of wide interest to the global poultry industry, as the virus has impacted flocks on multiple continents and has caused widespread losses in Asia, Europe and North America. Avian influenza has also harmed many countries’ poultry industries, as numerous poultry trade bans have been put in place over fears that the virus could spread.

Currently, domestic Chinese development efforts for DNA vaccine products have struggled to achieve the technical standards necessary to deliver immunity to the inoculated livestock and poultry. FIT’s GTU platform, protected by international patents, is a third generation animal vaccine technology that offers improved safety, low production costs, and a low immunization dose. At present, the technology has been applied in HIV vaccine research, and has passed U.S. Phase III clinical trials.