Argentina has presently 38 poultry companies scattered over the country. They are the protagonists of an amazing growth experienced by the activity over the last few years. In 2003, the local broiler meat production was of 800,000 tons and for 2011 it is estimate to reach 1.7 million tons. Likewise, the exports produced a quantum leap in the period by moving from mere 43,000 tons to estimate 320,000 tons. 

Among the leading poultry producing countries Argentina, besides Brazil, leads in competitiveness as the country likely count on a set of key resources - abundance of grains, good climate, soil, competitive and qualified labor - that make its broiler industry unbeatable.


Former know as a beef country, Argentina expects the internal consumption of chicken meat will jump from 39 kg per capita per year to 45 kg, in 2017. In 2003, it was just 21 kg. This prominent growth comes in the stream of the shrinkage in the local beef production, which has been very pronounced over the last five years as a consequence of the guerrillas between beef cattle producers and the government.    

Argentine exports 18% of its total broiler meat production to 60 countries and has been working hard to increase this share to 25% through 2017. Venezuela is the most important destination, with 60,000 MT per year, which are bartered by oil. Chile comes second, with 30,000 MT annually. For the Middle East, exports barely reach 10,000 MT.