As per the USDA estimates, the following countries are the world’s top five regarding the chicken meat production, imports, exports and consumption per capita in 2011:

Production: USA leads, 16.8 million tons; followed by China, 13.2 million; Brazil, 12.9 million; EU-27, 9.2 million; and Mexico, 2.9 million. These production top five respond for 55.0 million tons of chicken meat annually, equivalent to 70% of world’s production.

Imports: Japan leads, 820,000 tons; followed by Saudi Arabia; 720,000, EU-27, 675,000; Mexico, 580,000; and Russia, 325,000. The group annual imports reach 3,120,000 tons, or 39% of the world’s imports.


Exports: Brazil leads, 3.310 million tons (by including chicken paws and feet tonnage, not considered in the USDA estimates, the real exports volume goes up to 3.9 through 4.0 million tons); followed by USA 2.971 million tons; EU-27, 940,000; Thailand, 475,000; and China, 440,000. The Top 5 exporters account for 8.931 million tons, or 91% of the world’s exports.

Consumption per capita: UAE leads with 59.4 kg per capita per year; followed by Kuwait, 58.9 kg; Brazil, 47.3 kg; Hong Kong, 47.0 kg; and USA, 44.5 kg. As per the USDA comments, the consumption in Middle East (UAE and Kuwait) is overestimated given part of its global imports is not fully consumed locally, but further traded within the Arabian countries block instead. Therefore, it may mean that the Brazilian consumption is then closer to the first two countries than it appears.