This year, Munters celebrates its 60th anniversary and is one of the most well-established Swedish industrial companies. The head office is still in Sweden (in Kista); however, the company as a whole has become increasingly global over the years. Munters is found in more than 30 countries, consists of 2,600 employees, and has SEK 4 billion in turnover.

When Carl Munters founded his company in 1955, he brought with him years of experience working on innovative solutions for how air can be best cooled, dehumidified and optimized for people and industry. Today, Munters is a leader in energy-efficient solutions for optimizing the air. The technology is often key to the customers and can also be part of the solution to many of the biggest challenges facing society. One example is the need to reduce the world's energy consumption to be able to stop global warming. Energy-efficient solutions for proper cooling and moisture are an important part of this.

“There are many industries where we see the potential to accomplish a lot with our technology. For example, the world's food production needs to both increase and become more efficient in the future as the population grows. Otherwise, there is a risk of food shortages and the climate impact from production becoming too great,” says John Peter Leesi, Munters CEO.


Innovation is the hallmark of Munters, both historically and today. Together with Baltzar von Platen, Carl invented the first refrigerator for home use with no moving parts. “Carl Munters' spirit lives on in the company in a combination of innovation and engineering excellence. Many of his almost 1,000 patents are still used in our products,” explains Leesi.

 “During the year, we will have a proper celebration of our 60th anniversary with all employees. It feels good to celebrate that we have become such an ‘old’ company while remaining one of the most innovative companies in our industry,” says Leesi.