Probroed & Sloot Langenboom is about to become a hatchery completely equipped with HatchCare hatchers. The Dutch hatchery is going to produce about 800.000 chicks a week. Meaning that, together with Lagerwey Hatchery, more than 20% of the d.o.c. in the Netherlands will be produced in a HachCare hatcher.

“Because of the good experiences we have had with HatchBrood – HatchTech’s brooding solution, we wanted to provide our chicks with light, feed and water at an even earlier stage. Because of the early access to light feed and water, the behaviour of the chicks’ completely changes, it makes them feel at ease.” States Theo Krabbenborg, team leader at ProBroed & Sloot. “We care a lot about animal welfare as well as public health, so our transition to HatchCare at Langenboom is only logical. Take the decreased use of antibiotics that HatchCare mobilises for example.”


Due to access to light, feed and water from hatch; HatchCare delivers stronger and healthier chicks, with a higher growth rate and lower mortality. This results in higher revenues and improved animal welfare. Hatchery Manager Tim Kuijs tells: “Our customers notice it as well; they tell me that they have never seen such calm chicks before. And it is a difference that lasts; the chicks stay this calm, which results in a more peaceful environment, in the hatchery as well as in the barn. Furthermore we have seen an improved feed conversion ratio as a result of the early feeding.”

According to the Product Board for Poultry and Eggs the production of d.o.c. in the Netherlands is 500 million on a yearly base. With more than 20 percent of the Dutch d.o.c. produced in a HatchCare hatcher, the revolutionary influence of HatchCare is already unmistakable. Want to learn more about HatchCare?