Exports of U.S. poultry in the first quarter fell 8.5 percent in quantity and 9.9 percent in value compared with one year ago, according to the Foreign Agricultural Service.

Combined poultry exports for the quarter were 912,697 metric tons, valued at $1.149 billion.

Total exports of table eggs and egg products measured in shell egg-equivalent units were up 7.4 percent to 82.66 million dozen. Value increased 17 percent to $88.31 million.

Monthly broiler exports, excluding paws, in March were down 4.1 percent to 273,558 tons, and value was down 11.2 percent to $301.7 million from one year ago.

Shipments to Angola, Ghana, Azerbaijan and Georgia decreased, but shipments to Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Haiti and Guatemala were up.


Compared with one year ago, broiler exports were down 11 percent to 738,741 tons; value was down 13.1 percent to $851.3 million.

Turkey exports in March were down 11 percent to 24,851 tons; value was down 9.8 percent to $51.3 million. Turkey exports in the first quarter were down 5.8 percent to 69,837 tons; value was down 5.5 percent to $145.9 million.

Exports of table eggs in March were up 35.1 percent to 16.3 million dozen; value was up 58.4 percent to $21.16 million. Cumulative first quarter table egg exports were up 31.7 percent to 45.88 million dozen, with value up by 40.2 percent to $52.18 million.

March export value of egg products was up 6 percent to $13.06 million. First-quarter exports of egg products were down 5.6 percent to $36.12 million.