As avian bird flu again garners headlines across the U.S., an Arkansas company is touting a major success in protecting market share for one if its international clients during a previous bird flu outbreak in Turkey.

In the late ‘90s, Banvit selected CAT² of Conway, Arkansas to implement complete primary processing, further processing, and food safety systems at their plants. These systems have successfully managed every aspect of Banvit's production process in all three facilities for over a decade, providing real-time production control and management information; the Banvit team has been able to realize significant returns in productivity, efficiency, error reduction, and yield improvements.


When the Bird Flu struck in Turkey, Banvit's team reacted by embarking on an extensive marketing campaign, explaining how their systems allow them complete product traceability. Banvit's customers can buy a tray of chicken, type the serial number from the tray into a field on Banvit's website, and view a complete genealogy report that tracks the product back to the broiler's farm, flock, and breeder. This groundbreaking approach allowed Banvit to stand apart from the competition by showing consumers their products where not sourced by any affected suppliers.