Low pathogenic H7N7 has been confirmed in a layer flock in Herzlake, Lower Saxony, Germany.

According to a June 11 report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), there were 36,100 birds in the flock. There were no mortalities in the flock.

The source of the German avian influenza outbreak has not yet been determined. OIE noted that no poultry or poultry meat has been moved to other regions in Germany, EU member states or third countries. Eggs have been moved to one state of Germany only but no eggs have been to EU member states or third countries.


Screening and zoning measures will be initiated at the farm, and the property will be disinfected.

The report of the Herzlake avian influenza case was released the same day OIE issued a report that a previous H7N7 avian influenza case, also in Lower Saxony, had been resolved. In that case, reported in March, a fattening turkey holding of 23,500 birds in Langen was infected. There were 100 deaths, and the remaining birds in that flock were destroyed.

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