A proposed pig farm in Northern Wisconsin that would house more than 26,000 head, including 7,500 sows, is being proposed by Reicks View Farms.

If approved, the $17.7 million farm, which would be known as Badgerwood, would be the largest pig farm in the state.

Reicks View Farms, headquartered in Lawler, Iowa, intends to raise female pigs to maturity and ship them to Iowa farms, according to a Wisconsin Gazette report. The company was attracted to northern Wisconsin because it is far from hog-intensive areas of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and southern Wisconsin, where the potential for spreading animal diseases is greater, Gene Noem, director of swine operations for Reicks View Farms, stated in an email to the Gazette.


The proposed farm is being considered by the U.S. Environmental Protection and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The farm would be located just a few miles from the town of Ashland and the shore of the Chequamegon Bay, which is the water source for residents of Ashland. Area residents with concerns that manure from the farm would eventually wash off the land and end up polluting Chequamegon Bay and Lake Superior, have been expressing that they are opposed to the potential pig farm.