Jansen Poultry Equipment has been nominated as winner of the poultry system branch by The National Business Success Award. Every nominee can be announced as one of the Dutch top companies and has a success vision, a healthy business operation and an innovative and distinctive character in the market.

The nomination committee sees Jansen Poultry Equipment as a stable and progressive company that has accomplished great successes in the poultry market over recent years. One of the spearheads of policy accordance to the nomination committee is also one of the major success factors of Jansen Poultry Equipment; the focus on animal performance and hygiene in the barn. This has led to many innovations and a leading position in the world. One of the examples is the special FlexFloor slatted floor, which is specially developed for broiler houses and in combination with manure belts enables manure to be removed out of the house immediately. This principle prevents breast blisters, foot pad lesions and respiratory infections.

The results are a healthy broiler production without the use of antibiotics. Automated laying nests for breeders ensures a high quality hatching egg production with a minimal amount of floor eggs. Hygienic and qualitative nests provide healthy chicks as eggs remain free from dirt and cracks. Whether it comes to consumption eggs, hatching eggs or broilers, Jansen Poultry Equipment ensures that animals perform at top level.

An example of Jansen’s long-term vision is the antibiotic use in the poultry industry and the effect that this has on the food safety and public health. As a solution, the company developed the BroMaxx colony system with FlexFloor slats. This revolutionary broiler housing system tackles antibiotic use by keeping broilers healthy. Besides this, healthy broilers also have better growth rates and the feed conversion ratio is much more lucrative as animals do not waist their energy to defend illnesses. The progressive way of thinking and the successful business operation influenced the committee’s decision to nominate Jansen Poultry Equipment as winner of the poultry system branch.