Brazil is celebrating Egg Week. Running October 4-9, the initiative builds on World Egg Day, which falls on October 9.

Organized by the country’s Egg Institute, with the support of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) and a number of other stakeholders, activities include the dissemination of technical information on eggs, through to artistic and theatrical events for children.

The main focus of egg week this year will be to address the myths surrounding egg consumption, and the distribution of information about the benefits of eggs. Folders giving information aimed at the general public have been produced, along with material aimed at specific groups, such as pregnant women or retirees.

Egg Week is also seeing the airing of a television commercial highlighting dishes that can be cooked with eggs. The commercial was first shown in mid-September and is being broadcast on both subscription and free channels.


Along with the donation of eggs to charities, health and nutrition seminars, and recipe sharing and tastings, Brazil’s largest retailer GPA is supporting the week through various in-store activities and by offering discounts on eggs of up to 40 percent.

In the run up to the celebrations, ABPA undertook a number of initiatives highlighting not only the benefits of eggs, but also those of chicken and pig meat.

Per capita egg consumption in Brazil stood at 182 units last year, and the institute hopes that by 2016, this figure will have risen to 208.