Zoetis recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of its new global production and supply facility in Suzhou, China.

The construction of the new plant began in November 2013. With the extension now coming to an end, the new plant will undertake the production of the medical feed additive products and water soluble and premixed products for pigs, cattle and poultry. The base will take the place of the former one established in 1995.

According to Roman Trawicki, executive vice-president and president of global production and supply of Zoetis, “We at Zoetis view China as a global center for reliable, high-quality manufacturing. The expansion of our manufacturing capacity in Suzhou helps us establish a center of excellence for pre-mix and soluble powder medicines to keep farm animals healthy, and sets a strong foundation for our future growth in China. We are committed to growing our business through manufacturing operations in China to serve the animal health market in China and worldwide.”


China is the world’s second largest animal health market, valued at US$ 2.20 billion in 2014 and an expected annual growth rate of about 8 percent.

Zoetis, the world’s largest animal health products company based in Shanghai, entered the Chinese market in 1995. According to Zoetis, the company’s sales volume in China in 2014 totaled more than US$107 million. The product portfolio of the company consists of over 80 product lines ranging from vaccines, insect repellents, antibiotics to medical feed additives and other veterinary medicines  for pigs, cattle, chickens and pets such as dogs and cats.