As part of its collaboration with FoodTechIndonesia (FTI), the Pas Reform Academy has worked with partners once again to deliver the latest in a series of breeder and hatchery management training programs for poultry industry professionals.

The practical, interactive four-day session in Bogor, West Java, attracted more than 35 participants from over 15 different breeding companies across the country. The program was organized by a partnership of FTI members, ISA (part of Hendrix Genetics), Van Eck Industrial Hygiene and Larive.

Dr. Marleen Boerjan, Pas Reform’s director R&D, delivered practical sessions and key insights into the impact of the latest research into embryology on hatching egg quality and storage, optimizing incubation, troubleshooting and fine-tuning hatchery performance.


Gerd de Lange, senior poultry specialist, led discussions on hatchery hygiene and breeder management, practical aspects of incubating for high-quality chicks, achieving uniformity on the breeder farm, hatching egg hygiene and hatchery climate control and ventilation. Willie Blokvoort, ISA sales manager, presented on chick quality—from the pulling of newly hatched chicks to housing and optimal brooding.

Bas Kanters, Pas Reform’s sales director for Asia, says, “The objective of this program is to share knowledge that will assist Indonesian poultry professionals in practical ways, to build strong businesses and achieve sustainable growth.

“While we are sharing the most up-to-date knowledge with hatcheries and breeder farm operators, participants tell us that they also greatly value the opportunity that this training creates, to share experiences and insights with other professionals from across their industry.”