Avinicsa has opened a broiler farm in the Nicaraguan municipality of Tipitapa, near the country’s capital, Managua.

Founded using capital from Honduras, Avinicsa said the investment is valued at US$ 3.1 million, according to El Nuevo Diario. It is expected to generate permanent jobs for 15 technicians and 60 other workers.

Comprising of 10 sheds, each measuring 2,400 square meters, the farm has a capacity of 410,000 chickens in buildings with evaporative cooling and tunnel ventilation.

Avinicsa’s president, Roberto Suazo, said that the farm will produce 12 million pounds (5,400 metric tons) of chickens in the year.

According to a report in Prensa Libre, the chickens will be processed by U.S. agribusiness giant, Cargill, using its modern cold storage and distribution facilities in Nicaragua.


Having recently attended a number of foreign investment projects, General Alvaro Baltodano, presidential delegate minister for investment, attended the official opening of the Avinicsa farm, reports El Nuevo Diario.

“Nicaragua is one of the countries where foreign investors feel secure,” Baltodano said. “Many foreign companies want to invest in all sectors of Nicaragua.”

In December 2015, Central America Data reported that Cargill had inaugurated a new cold storage and distribution plant south-east of Managua, with a capacity to store up to 8 million pounds of chicken meat.

In 2013 - the most recent year for which figures have been published by the statistics group of United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAOstat) - Nicaragua produced 123,374 metric tons (mt) of chicken, up from just under 87,500 mt the previous year.