Outbreaks of Newcastle disease in poultry in Romania and Botswana have been resolved, according to a report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Newcastle disease in Romania

The National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority of Romania reported to the OIE on April 4 that the Newcastle disease situation in the country has been resolved. There was only one confirmed case in Romania, as a layer flock of 1,582 hens in Bucov, Prahova, Romania, was infected in November 2015.

A total of 510 hens died, while the remaining 1,070 birds were destroyed.

Movement control, zoning, screening and surveillance activities followed. The property was disinfected, animal products were destroyed and all carcasses, by-products and waste was properly disposed.

A source of infection was never determined.


Newcastle disease in Botswana

During the first two months of 2014, The Botswana Ministry of Agriculture notified the OIE of five cases of Newcastle disease, all of which occurred in the eastern half of the country. Three of those cases were in backyard poultry flocks.

In total, 42,315 birds were susceptible, 3,966 were confirmed to have the disease, and 1,049 birds died.

Contact with wild birds was believed to have been a cause for some of the infections.

On March 30, the Ministry of Agriculture determined the Botswana Newcastle disease outbreak to be resolved, and notified the OIE on April 5.