Elanco Animal Health recently sponsored a webinar entitled “Optimizing protection against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) with Live Attenuated Vaccines” as part of the educational program “Revise, Try, Change.” Dr. Sjaak de Wit from GD Deventer conducted the live presentation that can be viewed through the On-Demand Webinars section of WATTAgNet.com.

During the lecture, Dr. de Wit emphasized the role of live attenuated vaccines as an effective, long-established and widely used vaccination strategy to ensure a proper IBD control. An early protection to the birds was identified as a key factor to select a field vaccination program while several studies show the early onset of immunity induced by LC-75 vaccine strain (AviPro® Precise).


Elanco supports poultry producers and veterinarians on IBD control with an experienced field technical team and AviPro® Precise, an intermediate IBD vaccine, and AviPro® IBD Xtreme, which is an intermediate plus IBD vaccine.