BRF has acquired all of the shares issued by Alimentos Calchaquí Productos, a cold cut processor based in Argentina.

According to an announcement to the market, filed by BRF on May 10 and signed by Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer José Alexandre Carneiro Borges, the Brazilian company has concluded the acquisition. BRF initially announced its plans to acquire Alimentos Calchaquí Productos on March 22.

According to the Alimentos Calchaquí Productos website, the company produces the traditional line of Calchaquí cold cuts, and also produces the line Bocatti. It has a plant in Florencio Varela. The company owns breeding pigs to assure product quality from the earliest origins.


Alimentos Calchaquí Productos has been in business since 1971.

According to BRF, the acquisition of Alimentos Calchaquí Productos is in line with its strategic plan for globalizing the company.

The acquisition will help BRF, also a leading global poultry company, expand its presence in the pork industry and follows a group of similar transactions. In April, the company announced it was acquiring the shares of Campo Austal, also based in Argentina. Several days prior to that, BRF entered into an agreement to purchase all of the assets of Brazilian pork producer Globosuínos Agropecuária S.A.