The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has released a video that depicts scenes of animal abuse and neglect at a Nebraska pig breeding farm owned and operated by The Maschhoffs.

In the video, ALDF also identifies Hormel Foods, a pork company with which The Maschhoffs is a supplier.

The Maschhoffs conducting investigation, making needed changes

The Maschhoffs, in a statement published on its website, said it is committed to good animal welfare practices and says it is investigating the alleged abuse.

“As animal caregivers with a long-standing history of excellent animal welfare, we are appalled by the level of animal care depicted in the video at this sow farm,” said Bradley Wolter, president of The Maschhoffs. “We are aggressively implementing improvements that will help to ensure excellent animal care every day and on every farm, and prove our ongoing commitment to the responsible and humane care of our animals.”


According to the company’s statement, The Maschhoffs said it has terminated the farm manager at the sow farm shown in the video. The company is also:

  • Conducting a series of independent audits at its Nebraska sow farms to ensure all animal care standards are being met
  • Conducting extensive re-training on proper animal care and handling practices across the company’s entire farm network, with specific focus on the Nebraska area
  • Launching an internal communications effort to ensure all employees thoroughly understand their obligations to adhere to, as well as report any instances of abuse or neglect
  • Identifying issues and critical improvements needed at the farm depicted in the video

Hormel Foods suspends relationship

In a company statement, Hormel Foods said it has issued a suspension of all of The Maschhoffs’ Nebraska sow operations while an investigation is being done.

“Hormel Foods has a strict supplier code of conduct and policies relating to animal care,” the company stated. “We will not tolerate any violation of these policies. … Hormel Foods Corporation has dispatched certified third-party auditors to these Nebraska farms and to additional Maschhoff sites to verify our animal care requirements are being adhered to. We expect, and have been assured, that the Maschhoffs LLC will cooperate with authorities in any criminal investigation or prosecution.”