The International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) is the world’s leading forum for the promotion of science, research and education in the field of HAI.  Representing over 70 organizations, with over 100,000 individual members, the association typifies the enormous interest there is in animals and their positive health benefits for society.

Ceva has been an IAHAIO sponsor since 2010 and as a result of its participation has become directly involved in supporting 2 projects focused on animal assisted activity (AAA) in France and Sweden.

conferenceDr. Didier Vernay and Cecile Cardon, from Clermont-Ferrand Hospital University, work with horses to help people with multiple sclerosis through the ARDRA association(1) and have created a program to help other centers choose the right tools for best practice.

The Humlamaden Rehabilitation Centrein Southern Sweden established by Lis-Lott Andersson, helps patients with a variety of medical conditions to recover through both horse and dog assisted therapy.


Ceva put the two teams in contact, in line with IAHAIO’s latest recommendations to create new standards for animal-assisted interventions and the welfare of animals.  Commenting on Ceva’s involvement, Group Communications Director, Martin Mitchell said:

“We are very proud to once again sponsor IAHAIO and help their contribution to bringing to science to this hugely important field of human-animal interaction practice.  Our “Together, beyond animal health” vision recognizes the benefit that animals bring to the health of our planet. We will continue to work with as many partners as we can to actively promote the importance of this fundamental bond.”

For IAHAIO, Marie-Jose Enders, the newly elected President said “In the coming years we will work for more cooperation, more sharing of knowledge and practices, to help each other in professionalizing our field.”

(1) ARDRA: Association for research and development of reeducation in Auvergne (French region)