M. Suraj Dhakal has won the 2016 Nor-Feed Award, thanks to his work on plant-based products against parasites. A native of Nepal, Dhakal conducted his works at Copenhagen University in Denmark.

"In parasitology, the use of plants as alternatives to synthetic solutions is particularly interesting because of their double benefits: they may control these pests and also be integrated into the animal feed," notes the researcher.

His thesis allows to compare the effectiveness of some tannins (Corylus Avellana, Pinus sp. and Trifolium repens) against an anthelmintic (praziquantel).

These compounds, among others, demonstrated positive benefits to control the tapeworm.

The €5.000 (US$5,621.25) prize will be hand delivered to the winner by Pierre Chicoteau, DVM, Nor-Feed founder and CEO.