In cooperation with ForFarmers, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp is introducing a total solution for controlled fermentation—ExtraFerm. The innovation is the first "all inclusive, no worries” package for feed fermentation. It is a fast, simple entry into fermented feeding made possible for any pig farmer with an available liquid feeding system.

WEDA and ForFarmers combine their technology and knowledge components in order to enable the farmer an optimum of operational safety and carefree handling of fermentation processes. With the linking of three modules—the mobile Ferm Cube, the Ferm For Farm fermentation concept and the monitoring software Ferm-IT—ExtraFerm guarantees a trouble-free fermentation process directly on the farm.

  • The first module, Ferm Cube, allows farmers to start with the fermentation of their animal feed without lengthy building permissions. This self-sufficient fermentation unit can be connected to all available feeding systems. Software and technology, including hot water processing, are completely installed in the container.
  • The second module, Ferm for Farm, offers a concept for optimal results in the fermented feeding of pigs. The effective, liquid starter culture consists of only one bacteria strain. It is active within a broad pH spectrum and brings about a reliable, quick lowering of the pH value of the mixture to under 4.2 within ten hours. This creates a financial advantage for the farmer of EUR 10 per fattening place, EUR 12 per piglet place, and EUR 30 per sow’s place and year. The starter culture is offered as a ready-for-use mixture and as a concentrate + growing medium. This way, salmonella and E-coli bacteria can be reduced up to 90 percent.
  • The third module, Ferm-IT and WEDA technology, enables usage of a data interface between the software programs to achieve optimum operational safety. The WEDA Software Fermi 4PLX provides detailed process data from fermenter and mixing container. Ferm-IT evaluates these Fermi 4PX data. The smallest deviations are registered by daily data analysis and can be used by ForFarmers for the perfection of the fermentation process at the farmer’s locality.