Osborne Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced pig management equipment, will be exhibiting at Eurotier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production. The show will be held in Hanover, Germany, from Nov. 15-18.

Osborne will be showcasing the all new Mark IV model of the company’s FIRE (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) pig performance testing system, the trusted performance testing feeder used by more leading pig genetics companies than any other comparable system. The system automates the collection of individual animals’ daily feed intake and other performance characteristics for the genetic, feed and pharmaceutical testing of pigs. The all new Mark IV design improves accuracy and stability, reduces system maintenance and captures real-time data.


Osborne will also showcase other signature products, including traditional equipment like Stanfield pig heating mats, Big Wheel pig feeders and ACCU-ARM weigh scales. Visitors can also learn more about Osborne’s advanced, automated equipment like the electronic sow feeding system, TEAM (Total Electronic Animal Management) and the Weight Watcher growth management system for grow-finish farms.