The Poultry Science Association (PSA) held its 1st Latin American Scientific Conference in Campinas, SP, Brazil, on Oct. 4-6. The theme for the meeting was "Connecting the Global Poultry Science Community,” in keeping with PSA's core objective to share poultry knowledge worldwide.

Approximately 500 attendees from 17 countries were presented with over 200 scientific abstracts and 6 symposia topics of regional importance to Latin America. Fabricio Delgado (BRF) gave the keynote presentation "Empowering the Competitiveness of the Poultry Producer; the critical roles of industry and academia."

Dr. Randy Mitchell, President of PSA, commented that "PSA is truly grateful for the enormous response to our first regional conference and for the great reception by the Latin American poultry industry. The organizing committee, chaired by Dr. José Otávio Sorbara, did an excellent job, as did the many volunteers and sponsors who made it all possible."


PSA has been holding its Annual International Meeting and Conference in the U.S. and Canada, since organized in 1908. With the Latin American expansion of the poultry industry and its scientific community, the PSA Board of Directors committed to organizing a regional conference that would connect directly to all those in Latin America who are not able to participate in the Annual International Meeting in the U.S./Canada.

Dr. Steve Koenig, Executive Director of PSA, called the conference "a great success by all measures and an exceptionally strong beginning of PSA's commitment to holding a regional conference that will connect all who work within the Latin American poultry science to the global community."