Russian meat, poultry and feed company Cherkizovo has launched its new turkey brand, Pava-Pava.

The Pava-Pava brand was developed to promote turkey products manufactured at the Tambov Turkey facility, a joint venture between Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes, Spain’s leading agricultural producer. Pava-Pava products are already available in Globus stores across Russia.


Tambov Turkey is a landmark facility for Cherkizovo Group and has been recognized for the role it has played in import substitution. The facility’s production performance is already ahead of schedule; the livability levels are higher than expected and average weight gain is greater than that of the same breed of turkeys in Spain. Over RUB11 billion (US$190 million) has been invested into the project to date, with the Tambov government contributing over RUB1.7 billion (US$30 million).

Sergei Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group commented: “Consumption of turkey meat in Russia is on the rise as consumers are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives to other meats. At present, turkey products only have a 6 percent market share, so there is great growth potential for the Pava-Pava brand.”