Anritsu Infivis Ltd. has appointed Yoshiyuki Amano as its new Managing Director for the UK. Amano says he is confident the market for the company’s full range of cutting-edge X-ray, metal detection and checkweigher systems will continue to prosper after Brexit.

Amano has 30 years’ experience with the company including being Anritsu’s Assistant General Manager of International Business Division at its headquarters in Japan and leading Anritsu’s UK operations in Luton.

He said, “It is hard to predict the actual impact of Brexit today, but I believe the UK market will continue to develop as the demands for food safety and product quality assurance keep increasing, especially in an advanced market like here in the UK.”    

Designed to help safeguard the integrity of food and pharmaceutical products from contaminants, Anritsu’s world-renowned XR-75 Series of X-ray Inspection Systems, Metal Detectors and SSV Checkweighers are versatile and robust, with food safety technology that offers the highest quality and performance.

Protecting consumers from contaminants in the food chain and ensuring the accurate distribution of medical products is paramount for both the retailer and supplier alike – finding the smallest foreign body in food can be seriously damaging both financially and to a company’s reputation.


“Our X-ray systems have the highest detection levels, are easy to operate and offer very low downtime because they are very easy to clean. All our systems are very reliable, robust and offer very long life usage reducing customer’s Total Cost of Ownership,” added Amano.

X-ray inspection systems supplied by Anritsu are renowned for satisfying every regulatory safety standard around the world. Its Ultra-HD technology can detect down to 0.2mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel sphere at production line speeds. Anritsu’s ability to detect contaminants with high accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability stands out in the industry.

Anritsu designs and develops all its products in-house to support every solution with 100% confidence. Its safety solutions for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries have earned global recognition for their outstanding performance, capability and credibility.

In conclusion, Amano said, “Our corporate mission is to contribute to the development of a safe, secure, and prosperous society by offering high level Product Quality Assurance solutions.”