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Purchase an exclusive data set of the top U.S. egg producers over a five-year span, 2012-2016, by number of laying hens.
on May 22, 2017

Top US egg company data sets now available to purchase

Exclusive egg company data sets from WATTAgNet’s Top Poultry Companies database are now available for sale online.

WATTAgNet has compiled exclusive data sets from its Top Poultry Companies database, which can now be purchased online at These data sets contain key information on the top U.S. egg companies, collected by WATT and Egg Industry as part of its research for the Top Companies database and the Top Companies issue of Egg Industry.

A complete list of 63 of the leading U.S. egg producers over a five-year span is available. The data set measures egg producers by number of laying hens from 2012-2016. This list available for purchase also includes the headquarters locations and addresses of these top egg producers. This dataset compiles valuable top companies information over multiple years, allowing you to analyze the movement of the market’s leading egg producers.

Complete data sets available for purchase for top U.S. egg companies:

Top US egg producers 2012-2016


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Top US broiler producers 2016

Top US broiler producers 2007-2016

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Key personnel at leading US broiler producers

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