The third update of the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials has been published in the Official Journal of the EU.

The update was initiated by 42 EU associations in the feed chain, including animal feed materials suppliers, traders, specialty feed and compound feed manufacturers and farmers.

The update includes 35 new entries, as well as denomination and description of several entries. Among those improvements are:

  • The insertion, in the description of oilseed meal feed from integrated crushing and refining plants, of a reference to the possible presence of soap stocks.
  • The revision of the descriptions of feed materials from land animal origin to include processed proteins and fats from insects.

The general provisions about the proper handling of fermented products with possible presence of micro-organisms and the listing of Chapter 12 (feed materials produced by fermentation) have also undergone an in-depth review, with additional clarification provided as regards the presence of micro-organisms.

Feed business operators will be required to adapt their labels to the new labeling requirements by January 11, 2018.