The new Cobb500 MV male was introduced to the poultry industry in the Philippines by the Cobb Asia team, during week-long traveling seminars in June. Pelayo Casanovas, general manager for the Asia Pacific region, led the launches.

“The Philippines is a dynamic market where growth has been very strong, and we are projecting even more in the future due to the country’s economic growth,” he said. “We are using this opportunity to update our distributors and their customers on the latest Cobb developments.

“With the introduction of our new male – the Cobb500 MV – we are making our customers fully aware of the difference that this new male will make so they can take full advantage of its enhanced genetic potential.”

Dr. Orlando Fernandez, technical director of Cobb Asia, told the attendees of the seminars: “Flock after flock, we are seeing the MV male improving feed conversion by two points with better livability. The bird performs well in all climates, including the tropical areas like the Philippines.”

The seminars were organized by Gama Foods, Bounty Fresh, San Miguel, Philmalay and Cobb Philippines. Kenneth Cheng, managing director of Bounty Group, said: “We always welcome and appreciate the Cobb technical support. As the genetics advance, we need to be familiar with the best current management practices.”

Other members from the Asia technical team – Alvin Arucan, Regional Technical Manager and Raul Lopez, Broiler Specialist – took part in the seminars.

Breeder and broiler management, nutrition, male management, ventilation, egg and chick quality were the main topics discussed during the week with speakers also from the Cobb World Technical Support Team including Director Steve Bolden, Hatchery Specialist Steve Tweed, and Broiler and Ventilation Specialist Andrew Bourne.

The Cobb Asia sales team was led by Mohammad Ismail, director of sales, Sandy Irawan, key account manager, and Garrison Qi, marketing manager.