A’Saffa Foods, the largest integrated poultry producer in the Sultanate of Oman, is the latest winner of a Cobb Champion Award for breeder performance. The awards were introduced last year to recognize annual world-class performance at breeder, broiler and hatchery level in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The award-winning flock of 23,750 Cobb500 parents on the BBP-D farm peaked at 86.72 percent and laid at over 80 percent for eight weeks, achieving 141.04 chicks / bird housed to 60 weeks. 

The presentation took place at the A’Saffa complex offices in Thumrit city in the Salalah province of Oman and was attended by senior personnel including chief executive Dr. Naser Al Mauwly, chief finance officer Rafique Chaudery, senior operations manager Dr. Yassin Al Nour and breeder manager Dr. Schenaa Reddy. 

“A'Saffa Foods has a long and committed history with Cobb and the Cobb500 genetic package,” said Matthew Wilson, technical services director for Cobb in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “They have shown over many years excellence in management and performance to achieve the optimum genetic potential from our product in challenging local conditions.


“The association between A'Saffa Foods and the Cobb Europe management team in the Middle East continues to benefit from a trust and partnership that enables both companies to expand in the region successfully.”  

Dr. S. Chenna Reddy, breeder farms manager, A’Saffa Foods, commented:  “We are happy to be associated with Cobb – the number one breeding company — over the last decade. Continued genetic progress of the Cobb500 and their high quality technical support help us in better management of our flocks, resulting in continuously improving results”

A’Saffa Foods, which was established in 2001 and has its main offices in Muscat, is fully integrated with its own feed mill, processing plant and further processing facilities.  The company places 165,000 breeders a year – all Cobb500 – and is embarking on expansion plans to reach a broiler rearing capacity of eight million per cycle.