With an investment of QAR1.6 billion (US$439 million), Al Rayan Poultry has announced plans to set up a multi-site integrated enterprise that it hopes will revolutionize the Arabian country’s poultry sector, boosting local production and contributing to national food security.

A subsidiary of Qatari-owned Dar Al Rayan Investment Company, the firm will invest in modern facilities for the production of chicken meat, day-old chicks and feed, reports Gulf Times.

When completed, its annual production capacity will be 70,000 metric tons of broiler meat and 250 million eggs. This will cover current and future market demand, the firm says.

Al Rayan has dedicated a total area of 1,500 hectares (3,710 acres) to this latest initiative, split across the First Agro Cluster in the south of the country, and the farms of Al Waab, Al Dawoodiyah and Al Sidriya in the north.

A key part of the investment, according to Al Rayan Poultry, will be the breeding facility, where parent stock will produce hatching eggs and chicks not only for the firm but also for local broiler producers.


With a planned capacity of more than 90 metric tons per hour, the feed mill will also produce more than the company’s requirements, and sell to other farmers.

Across the whole enterprise, Al Rayan will use expertise and equipment from across the world to achieve global standards of quality, safety and biosecurity.

“We want to make Al Rayan Poultry a unique project with global standards that our country and its wise leadership will take pride in,” said Sheikh Khalifa bin Mohamed bin Khalifa al-Thani, vice-chairman of Dar Al Rayan Investment Company. “As such, we strive to set very high standards in terms technology, hygiene and operational standards.”

Agriculture in Qatar

Qatari production of chicken meat amounted to 9,988 metric tons in 2014, according to the statistical arm of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, FAOstat.

Another subsidiary of Dar Al Rayan Investment Company, Al Rayan Food Company, has recently announced plans to set up Qatar’s largest dairy farm, reports Gulf Times. Around 7,000 dairy cows capable of thriving in the country’s hot and humid climate will be imported to produce a range of dairy products.