Seven plants operated by JBS in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul are set to resume operations after production was suspended nearly one week ago.

On October 18, the Brazil-based meat and poultry company suspended operations at those plants due to a court-ordered asset freeze. That asset freeze was related to a tax matter in the state.


According to a Reuter’s report, JBS decided to stop operations at the plants because the court blocked the company and its controlling holding company, J&F, from having access to about BRL730 million (US$228.7 million) due to allegations of tax irregularities in the state. JBS has since stated that it has reached an agreement with Mato Grosso do Sul authorities that would enable the company to reopen the plants. However, it is not known whether the resources would be unblocked.

While JBS is the world’s largest poultry processor and second-largest pig processor, the facilities affected by this action were beef plants.