House of Raeford Farms believes that a company that does well, should also do good. That’s why the company started House of Raeford Farms FLOCK, its nonprofit arm that serves people in communities where House of Raeford operates. Last fiscal year, FLOCK donated over $1.1 million and approximately 212,000 pounds of chicken to people in need across the Southeastern United States.

This year, the nonprofit is on track to do that and more. And it has extended its reach to include those affected by natural disasters in other parts of the country. Below is a brief overview of just a few of the ways House of Raeford and FLOCK have helped people recently.

Sponsored the 2017 Givin’ and Golfin’ Tournament in Arcadia, LA
House of Raeford advocated for youth justice with a monetary donation of $1,000 and a chicken dinner for approximately 200 people. The event raised money for the Volunteers for Youth Justice CASA Program, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, which specially trains community volunteers appointed by a judge to represent the best interests of children in need in the courtroom.

Donated $25,000 and supplies to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico
House of Raeford employees collected supplies which the company flew to the island on October 4. The company also donated $25,000 to Samaritan’s Purse for hurricane relief.

Encouraged employees to help hurricane victims in Texas and Florida
Employees started collection drives in Mocksville, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina to collect supplies to distribute to hurricane victims in Huffman, Texas and Fort Myers, Florida.

Partnered with Word of Faith Food Bank to help feed families
House of Raeford is a long-time partner and friend of Word of Faith Food Bank in Duplin County, North Carolina. Through Word of Faith, FLOCK donates chicken products that help the food bank feed about 650 families a month.


Supported children with disabilities through MedCamps partnership
Each month throughout the summer, FLOCK sponsored various themed dinners at MedCamps of Louisiana—an organization that provides week-long overnight and day camps for children with disabilities. House of Raeford employees volunteered to serve meals, as well.

Helped victims of human trafficking through partnership with Lighthouse For Life
House of Raeford donated nearly $15,000 to the Lighthouse for Life Karis Home in Richland County, South Carolina for the installation of a security system on its property, helping to provide peace of mind for victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Awarded $30,000 in college scholarships to employees’ children and grandchildren
House of Raeford proudly awarded the scholarships to 12 deserving children and grandchildren of employees through the 2017 House of Raeford Farms Scholarship program.

Sponsored the Jeremiah Castille Character Football Camp
House of Raeford Farms welcomed NFL legends Jeremiah Castille and Earnest Byner to Duplin County to teach nearly 600 student athletes about strength, agility and character-building skills.

Supported youth in agriculture
House of Raeford sponsored the 2017 Ag-Kids Memorial Day Barrel Run in Ruston, Louisiana, which featured more than 750 competitors, to promote youth developing an interest in agriculture.