The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) announced Nov. 14 that it is expanding its international trade fair portfolio in the animal husbandry segment by launching three new exhibition events during 2019. DLG, the organization behind EuroTier, the world's leading exhibition for animal production professionals, is extending the EuroTier brand by holding trade fairs serving the needs of livestock farmers in the Gulf region, South America and China.

“EuroTier South America” will debut between July 23-25, 2019. It will be followed by “EuroTier Middle East” from Sept. 9-11, 2019 and by “EuroTier China” from Sept. 19-21, 2019.

The first EuroTier trade fair was launched in 1993 at Hanover’s Exhibition Grounds and now takes place every two years. Like the original EuroTier, the name of which literally translates from German as “Euro animal,” these new EuroTier-branded trade fairs will feature an extensive range of appropriate technologies for the animal husbandry sector in these specific regions, a hosted-buyer invitation program as well as a technical and conference program tailored for the different markets.

The Chairman of the DLG’s Exhibitions Department, René Döbelt, said animal husbandry markets were developing world-wide, and that new technologies and economic and social trends placed specific technical requirements on the different agricultural regions around the world.

“Therefore, the decision to offer farmers additional international trade fairs under the EuroTier brand comes at exactly the right time,” added Döbelt. “EuroTier is the world's leading trade fair for animal husbandry professionals, and its business and innovation platform offers a comprehensive overview of the global topics and trends in modern animal husbandry. We can leverage this promise of quality to create new trade fairs and expert farming networks that can focus completely on the challenges and strategies central to the various agricultural regions of the world.”


As a result, exhibitors and visitors will benefit from EuroTier’s international professional expertise to develop strategies adapted to the respective location; to introduce new trade platforms; and to successfully structure regional animal husbandry within globalized markets.

Indeed, the three new trade fairs will benefit from this accumulated expertise at EuroTier and will therefore be able to offer the entire range of products and services for animal husbandry professionals – from technology, services and genetics to farm inputs and other upstream and downstream areas – under the slogan “One Brand – All Segments.”

“Animal husbandry professionals will be provided with a comprehensive insight into the various production and marketing segments for both specific species and across all product categories,” said Jens Kremer, DLG Department Manager for Business Development and Sales.

The DLG will be working with hand-picked local partners that are all leaders in their respective fields. These were selected on the basis of their competence in exhibition management and their local expertise in the animal husbandry sector.

“We will be cooperating with partners that already have excellent livestock husbandry networks in their respective agricultural regions to present EuroTier Middle East, EuroTier South America and EuroTier China,” added Mr Kremer. “They will work with us to develop innovative concepts at each of the three locations. We believe they will provide important input to the exhibitions and the specialist offerings of EuroTier.”