From November 13-16, TIBOT technologies participated in the 13th edition of the Eurotier exhibition. This was the opportunity for the start-up to reveal the model of “Curiosity,” its poultry robot for broilers.

A robot that maintains your litter

TIBOT technologies took advantage of the EUROTIER exhibition to present the model of its 2nd poultry robot, Curiosity, dedicated to broilers. This robot offers an automated solution for the maintenance of the litter. Indeed, its tool with claws, comes to "scratch" the ground. The litter remains healthy, dry and friable, limiting the appearance of pathologies such as pododermatites. Curiosity also has options such as programmable itinerary and working schedules. Equipped with a geolocation system, it evolves in the building according to a pre-defined route and returns to its self-recharging station at the end of the session. Like its little brother Spoutnic, it is equipped with visual and sound stimuli. It works until 10 hours per day, and 7 days a week. Compact and transportable, it’s water-, dust- and ammonia resistant. Curiosity is included in the process of animal welfare’s improving.


Spoutnic tailored to your production needs 

Spoutnic was also part of the trip. The tireless assistant, dedicated to breeders and layers, has additional accessories and purpose a customized animation adapted to the animals. Thanks to its controller, the user can now choose and adapt the visual and sound stimuli, optimize its trajectory, its speed, program its working schedules, etc. These new features are more relieving the breeder (reorganizing his working time, improving his working conditions, etc.). They also generate time savings and an improvement in their overall income. As a reminder, Spoutnic is a tireless assistant that animates the henhouse. Thanks to its stimuli and its random motion, he moves the hens and educates them to lay in the nests.

Eurotier, a successful and highly positive exhibition

For four days, the TIBOT team welcomed more than 250 people to its stand, including a hundred breeders. This sustained interest in its robots confirms the business and technical expertise from the start-up. Exchanges were also held with distributors for new export markets. "By achieving 70% of its international sales, it made sense for TIBOT to take advantage of a world-renowned trade show such as EUROTIER to present the model of our new robot," says CEO Yanne Courcoux. "The next step for Spoutnic and Curiosity: the IPPE (Atlanta, USA) in February 2019." TIBOT Technologies aims to automate tedious and repetitive tasks of the farmer, in order to improve its working conditions, to increase the profitability of his/her exploitation and the welfare of his/her poultry.