Praxair business and R&D experts will educate attendees at the upcoming International Production & Processing Expo (Feb. 12-14) in Atlanta on the uses of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases in poultry processing. Sameer Israni, Ph.D., senior manager food and beverage R&D, will explain the properties of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, how they are similar and how they are different, and their various poultry processing applications. Tunnel and spiral freezing, chilling ground protein, and carbon dioxide snow deposited into bins for chilling pieces and trim are just some of the poultry applications. The presenters will also discuss when and in which applications, one gas can be substituted for the other. The 20-minute session is scheduled, Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 2:40 to 3:00 p.m. in Hall B8725. The speaker and other food specialists will be available for further discussion on the topic at the Praxair booth B4521.

Tunnel vision

Praxair cryogenic tunnel freezers, which use either CO2 or nitrogen, offer poultry manufacturers options for their freezing production processes. The tunnels can help increase throughput, maximize efficiency and maintain product integrity. “At Praxair, we like to say we have tunnel vision when it comes to helping food manufacturers select freezing systems,” says Chris Johnson, director business development. “That’s because by analyzing their manufacturing processes, we can help the processor improve product quality while increasing freezing efficiency. This involves matching the appropriate freezing system to each customer’s specific food products and operational requirements.” Attendees are invited to ask about Praxair’s ‘tunnel vision,’ collect a pair of branded eyeglasses, and to view the ColdFront CryoVantage and CryoSaver Tunnel Freezers, along with the ColdFront Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer.


Getting connected

As part of their IPPE visitor experience, Praxair is launching a social media promotion through Twitter and LinkedIn. Attendees will be encouraged to follow @praxairfood to get Praxair show news and giveaways. New social media followers can collect a Praxair umbrella at the booth and be entered in a drawing to win a grand prize of a wearable fitness tracker.