The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the distribution of Selisseo, the first pure source of organic selenium in the U.S. market that provides selenium in the form of Hydroxy-selenomethionine. The product is approved for use in chickens, turkeys and swine. 

The purity of the organoselenium-based product, which has been tested in numerous trials, has been shown to consistently deliver more bioavailable selenium to animals, with higher deposition in animal tissues. This provides animals with high antioxidant capabilities even in challenging conditions.

Selenium is an essential micronutrient and powerful antioxidant that plays a critical role in metabolism, reproductive health and immunity by fighting oxidative stress. Due to its purity, Hydroxy-Selenomethionine provides the maximum storage of selenium in the body in comparison with other available selenium sources such as inorganic selenium salts and selenium-enriched yeasts.

“Hydroxy-selenomethionine is a remarkable new product that ushers in a new way of delivering selenium to production animals safely, effectively and efficiently," said Alissa Welsher, Ph.D., technical manager, Adisseo.

Selisseo complements Adisseo’s other recently launched innovation, Rovabio Advance. As the only feedase on the market, Rovabio Advance contains the perfect combination of enzymes that have been shown to improve overall digestibility of organic matter by 3 percent in all diet types.

“Adisseo has had a national presence in the U.S. for decades,” said Jeremy Painter, commercial director U.S. and Canada. “The addition of these two new products to our already comprehensive portfolio is just another example of our dedication to helping our customers be more effective and more competitive. It is how we are furthering our goal of becoming the preferred partner in animal nutrition.”