Stonehaven Incubate is celebrating its first birthday and already has three active on-going collaborations to drive improvements in animal health.

“We have evaluated over 33 opportunities in the past 12 months, we’ve actively moved forward on three and we have a number in negotiation, with memorandums of understanding and option agreements underway. We target at least three opportunities a year, but may take in up to five,” said Dr Mark Heffernan, CEO of Stonehaven Incubate. “There is no shortage of fantastic science and technology out there on the human side and what Stonehaven Incubate is all about is taking that cutting edge technology and moving it across to animal health.”


In line with its annual targets, Stonehaven Incubate is now working with ANIZOME, a company focused in the area of microbiome; Lysando, which is developing antimicrobial peptides, and most recently announced its agreement with Agile Sciences, which is adjuventing antibiotics.