Find out what news articles and blogs on poultry-related topics generated the most interest from readers during the month of May:

1. BLOG: New Pilgrim’s Pride CEO addresses impacts of ASF

Roy Graber: The global African swine fever (ASF) situation’s impact on Pilgrim’s Pride and the rest of the poultry industry is not lost on Jayson Penn, the company’s new global president and CEO.

2. Tyson CEO: ASF can change world protein production trends

Tyson Foods CEO Noel White said the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak is unlike any other event he has ever experienced, and that it has the potential to forever change production and consumption trends.

3. BLOG: African swine fever could change everything

Austin Alonzo: The situation unfolding around the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in China and elsewhere in Asia and Europe may change our world.

4. Tyson: Prices to jump as China cold storage supply depletes

Meat and poultry prices are already starting to move as a result of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in China, but once the country’s inventories in cold storage are depleted, prices should rise significantly, Tyson Foods CEO Noel White said.

5. BLOG: The 'Onion’ poultry slaughter satire is not funny

Terrence O'Keefe: I am usually a fan of the Onion, but I fail to see the humor in a fake contest on how to best torture a chicken to death.


6. Tyson: Pending BRF deal would offer access to big market

As Tyson Foods prepares to close on its acquisition of BRF’s facilities in Thailand and Europe, the company looks forward to gaining more access to the Asian and European markets.

7. Finding uses for woody breast meat

Woody breast meat products can still have value as further processed products if they are used in certain ways.

8. JBS launches plant-based protein product

JBS is the world’s largest poultry company and a global leader in the pork and beef industries. Now it is also a player in the plant-based protein sector.

9. Walmart files suit claiming poultry industry collusion

Walmart is the latest company to file a lawsuit against some of the country’s top poultry companies, claiming that the broiler industry conspired to drive up the price of chicken.

10. Most consumers on panel don’t purchase cage-free eggs

Five of six consumers taking part in a focus group discussion at the 2019 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit identified themselves as egg consumers. But of those five, only one said she seeks out eggs that carry specialty labels such as cage free, free range or organic.