On July 2, the Aviagen Veterinary Services and Export team welcomed an important guest from the government of Sri Lanka: Dr. K.D. Ariyapala, Sri Lanka’s Director General of the Department of Animal Production & Health. Dr. Ariyapala was accompanied by Jean Murphy, the Vice President of Trade Policy for the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC).

The meeting was joined by delegates from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Tennessee government and poultry industry.

Sharing and improvement of best practices

US primary breeding companies supply the country of Sri Lanka with poultry breeding stock, so Dr. Ariyapala’s goal was to learn about the US system through a glimpse of Aviagen’s biosecurity programs, including the government-certified Avian Influenza (AI) Clean compartment farms and facilities. Aviagen acted as a representative of the US primary breeding companies during this important visit.


The event consisted of a tour of an Aviagen compartment farm and veterinary laboratory in Elkmont, Ala., US, a review of Aviagen’s biosecurity, health and testing programs, and multiple discussions and sharing of knowledge. These talks focused on Aviagen’s approach to biosecurity, including compartmentalization and zoning strategies, and the interactions between the primary breeding industry and local and federal government teams to facilitate poultry export. Together they discussed opportunities to improve the process between the US and Sri Lanka.

“We considered it an honor to welcome Dr. Ariyapala and engage with him on these important topics,” commented Dr. Kate Hayes, Aviagen’s Production Program Veterinarian. “Aviagen is committed to continuous improvement of our processes, especially concerning biosecurity and the export of our day-old chicks. It’s discussions such as these that lead to a better understanding of the best practices to eliminate the spread of avian illness and open trade barriers, so that people around the world can receive an uninterrupted supply of broiler breeders, which help supply current and future generations with a quality source of protein.”

Murphy added, “On behalf of the USAPEEC, I’d like to thank the entire Aviagen Veterinary Services and Export team for helping us organize the event. I’m confident the meeting and exchanges that went on will serve to build confidence in the biosecurity and avian health programs of our US primary breeding industry, and to share our best practices for the benefit of poultry operations in Sri Lanka.”