See what articles and blog posts on WATTAgNet attracted the most readers in September 2019.

1. 4 cage-free house issues producers may not have considered

The future of cage-free egg production has been a regular topic of discussion among the egg industry for some time now.

2. Sanderson weighs in on plant-based protein, sandwich feud

While a growing number of the world’s top poultry companies are diversifying with the production of plant-based proteins, Sanderson Farms will not be among them.

3. Cargill to end whole turkey production in Waco, Texas

Cargill will end fresh and frozen whole turkey production at its Waco, Texas, facility in November, the company confirmed.

4. Sanderson: Fear of ICE led to less deboned dark meat

There could be a direct relation between the increased supply of chicken leg quarters in the United States and the August raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE) at a handful of Mississippi poultry plants, the CEO of Sanderson Farms said.

5. BLOG: I must give HSUS credit where it is due

Roy Graber: I am not normally one to sing praises of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).


6. BLOG: McDonald’s doesn’t dazzle with new chicken offerings

Roy Graber: Just as I wrote my last blog post pondering who else would join the great chicken sandwich battle of 2019, I got an answer.

7. Sanderson Farms gets subpoena from US justice department

Sanderson Farms disclosed it had received s subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) concerning court cases in which Sanderson Farms and other top poultry companies in the United States are accused of conspiring to raise the price of chicken.

8. Jamaica Broilers acquires Gentry’s Poultry plant

The Jamaica Broilers Group is continuing its expansion into the United States, as the company reached an agreement to acquire the Gentry’s Poultry Company plant in Ward, South Carolina.

9. Suit accuses top poultry companies of fixing wages

Eighteen of the largest poultry companies in the United States are among the defendants in a lawsuit filed on behalf of three former poultry plant workers who claim the companies conspired to fix wages for plant workers.

10. Dakota Provisions launches Dakota 44 retail turkey brand

Dakota Provisions announces the launch of its first consumer turkey products brand, Dakota 44.