In the past three years, Delacon built a powerful team in the United States. The team consists now of five specialists in animal nutrition with Kevin Adams as Sales Group Leader North America. Kory Moran was the first to join Kevin Adams as Regional Technical Manager for swine in 2017. In the same year, Delacon appointed Megan Koppen and Stacie Appleton as Regional Technical Managers for poultry. The current team was completed when ruminant expert James Caldwell joined as Regional Technical Manager in 2018.

Get to know each team member:

Kory Moran, PhD:

“My goal as Regional Technical Manager Swine is to provide technical support to our distributors and end-users in the introduction and application of phytogenic technologies in their nutritional programs. Furthermore, during the last 3 years I have been leading research and field experiments which have allowed to gather stronger technical evidence of the benefits of Delacon’s phytogenics feed additives in swine nutrition.”

Megan Koppen:

“I work with distributors and customers to educate and guide implementation of phytogenics into commercial systems in order to achieve production objectives. With over ten years of experience in the poultry industry, I utilize my background which focuses extensively on live production with specialization in nutrition as well as conducting field and controlled experimental trials to provide necessary insight to ensure a producer’s phytogenic journey is successful.”

Stacie Appleton, PhD:


“My role as a Regional Technical Manager is focused on providing the value of phytogenics for the poultry meat and egg industry. This entails a variety of functions including research to bring new phytogenic technologies to market that address the needs of producers; offering education and support for integrators, producers, and distributors; providing information and resources to tailor phytogenic programs that maximize value, help producers meet goals, and address consumer demands.”

James Caldwell, PhD:

"As Regional Technical Manager I support field trials and research, lead ruminant sales and training programs, and support product development. I was thrilled to join Delacon in putting phytogenic feed additives to work in diets for dairy, beef, sheep, and goats. I see phytogenics as the sustainable solution that will empower farmers to increase productivity while meeting the requirements of the industry’s most important stakeholder: the consumer."

Kevin Adams:

“Phytogenics offer a cutting-edge solution to many of the challenges faced by producers and integrators. We bring all-natural, research based, sustainable products that resonate with today’s consumers and their expectations. The North America team is ready to serve and assist in choosing the right product to meet producers’ needs and consumer’s demands in the North American market.”