Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota (CEAM) has announced that Iowa Poultry Association (IPA) will assume management of its association to offer a unified member management and communications solution to poultry and egg industry in Minnesota. IPA will handle the association management, communications, and member management.

“IPA offers an exciting opportunity for CEAM to strengthen and expand its member management, communication and collaboration” explains Scott Waldner, President of CEAM. “With the overlapping of members and organizational goals, it was a sound strategic decision on behalf of the board of CEAM to merge with IPA. The IPA staff have been doing great work in Iowa, and we are eager to work with them.”

JT Dean, President of Iowa Poultry Association said, “This collaboration of Iowa Poultry and CEAM is an exciting time for our two associations to work together to share one strategic and common vision for the poultry and egg industry in the upper Midwest.”


Kevin Stiles, Executive Director and CEO of Iowa Poultry stated, “the operations of CEAM will be transferred to IPA’s Headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa. Our team is excited to continue to work with Minnesota producers and allied members to support the poultry and egg industry. Many members of Minnesota are friends of IPA, and we look forward toward increasing our work with them.”

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