NABEL Co., Ltd. has released a new Egg Tray Washer PTW200. This brand new automatic washer has its capacity of 2,000 trays per hour and was released on April, 2020. 

On Tray Washer PTW200, supplied dirty trays after use are jet-washed by high pressured water. Several kinds of plastic 30-eggs trays are available: Twin Pack, NS-Tray, etc. Trays after wash are stacked and spin-dried automatically. 

One of the features is that the whole machine is made by stainless steel and stay away from corrosion, keeping the machine totally clean even in hot and humid conditions. Another is that PTW200 is directly connectable to auto loader’s output conveyors, allowing trays right after use being washed, in order to achieve washing effect as big as possible. As optional equipment, a tray denester helps PTW200 to work independently and a chemical pump works for disinfection of washing water and trays. By introducing PTW200, everything used for tray washing, such as time, water, labor, are minimized, while improving hygiene. 


Considering durability and risk assessment at severe condition in egg farms or egg grading centers, NABEL is pleased to release this safe and reliable tray washer.