Hartmann North America, a leading manufacturer of molded fiber egg cartons, announced that its Rolla, Missouri, facility is one of 14 companies being recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Assistant Secretary for Global Markets, Ian Steff. In his remarks, Steff noted “Hartmann’s utilization of intelligent manufacturing in the production of molded fiber egg cartons.” 

Among the other recipients were Rolls-Royce Defense, Saab Aerospace, GKN Technologies, MegaWatt Lasers and the Greater Columbus Indiana Economic Development Organization. 

“It is an absolute honor to be recognized amongst some of America’s most well-known organizations,” says Karl M. Broderick, President of Hartmann North America. “With our Rolla facility expansion underway, we continue to innovate in our operations and manufacturing practices and to be recognized next to some of the world leaders in intelligent manufacturing technology. This is a fantastic achievement for Hartmann and Hartmann Technology, the innovators and manufacturers of our equipment.” 

Hartmann’s manufacturing process is highly automated using the newest technologies, including state-of-the-art moulded fiber technology platforms. Recycled paper is shredded, ground up and turned into a pulp slurry, poured and baked in carton molds in enormous ovens at 10 different temperatures in various stages that will cook-in hardness for stability and strength. The cartons are then printed or labeled with the necessary product information, inventoried, and shipped to customers across North America. 


Hartmann North America was nominated for the recognition by Dennis Pruitt, the Vice President of Business Development for Missouri Partnership. In September 2020 Dennis was contacted by Steve Meyers with SelectUSA, a program of the U.S. Department of Commerce, seeking nominees for an award recognizing companies that have utilized intelligent manufacturing. 

In Pruitt’s nomination, he stated that In 2017, Danish manufacturing company, Brødrene Hartmann, launched their first ever U.S. location in Missouri under the name Hartmann US. The 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Rolla, Missouri, produces sustainably-made, molded-fiber egg cartons for the U.S. market. Cartons are made of 100 percent recycled newspaper sourced from the Midwest and distributed nationally. The company recycles more than 50,000 tons of post- consumer paper per year at the Rolla facility. 

Hartmann North America manufactures and sells 20% of all egg cartons produced and sold in the US and Canada. 

There are 3.6 billion egg cartons produced annually in North America and half of these are still plastic or polystyrene foam. Not only is Hartmann North America innovating in the way they’re producing moulded fibre egg cartons with intelligent manufacturing, but they also continue to produce a more environmentally sustainable product for their egg producers.