After long and constructive discussions since March 2021, Food Gate Poultry and EmTech Hatchery Systems have reached an agreement for a major new hatchery project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Agency to represent EmTech in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) group of countries. 

This will be the very first hatchery to be constructed within the Riyadh area and will incorporate the latest EmTech, PrimoTech MAX 94, systems that combine the ultimate in high density setting with the latest technology to provide the highest quality performance and chicks. Setting 44 million eggs per year in a combination of 24 and 18 trolley high-density setters will provide a significant reduction in the overall hatchery footprint over most competitors systems for maximum capacity and the most cost-effective hatchery construction.

Recognizing the superior quality products and hatchery solutions that EmTech has to offer, Food Gate has also agreed to represent EmTech in the KSA and the wider GCC group of countries to promote EmTech’s extensive range of hatchery and ventilation products. 


Ken Baker, EmTech’s managing director said, “This is a significant development for EmTech and further demonstrates the strength and quality of the company, its products and services. This is the beginning of an exciting and prestigious partnership and a milestone for the development and growth of the EmTech business and for the continued development of hatchery facilities in KSA. Many thanks must go to Mohamed El-Ashram, our global hatchery support director, who has been instrumental at every stage of our negotiations with Food Gate.” 

Food Gate Poultry couples the investment required, along with the market needs of the KSA Poultry Industry, for the provision of high-end quality infrastructure, improved biosecurity and advanced scientific techniques for the expansion of poultry production. They also plan to cater for all local producers by providing breeder, broiler and slaughterhouses on a lease-based arrangement.